Cats Can Fetch HD

16-page M/H Adult comic

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This is all of the artwork done for my 16-page M/H Adult comic, "Cats Can Fetch"!

Cats Can Fetch is a 16 page, M/H comic starring my subby boy feline Twix, and intersex/shemale doberman girl Lia, with a guest role from Wyntersun's bat-fox Zoqi. It's not my usual subject matter, just a cute little story I wanted to tell, meant to be light-hearted and a change of pace for me.

Patreon 5$ and up supporters got to see the pages as-they're-being-made, and in HD. But I always want alternative ways available to support my work, and eventually, entirely free at a later date for people who can't support it at all. Patreons see the sketches, inks, progress thoughts and higher resolutions as a thank-you for supporting it! If you like what you see and wish to support my comics, I would be ever thankful, just as I am to my existing contributors, this simply wouldn't have happened without all of you! Enjoy!

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