Paper Doll PSD - Ayn's Bedroom

Adult 18+ female canine pinup paper doll PSD file

This is an adult, 18+ 'paper doll' PSD file only; a base image of my character Ayn in her January 2016 Patreon pinup with clothing and other options all on layers to mix and match with.

To use this paper doll file, open with any program that allows PSD files (SAI, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio, Gimp), and toggle the labelled layers on and off. They should be self-explanatory, and most layers work well with each other, the main exception is a layer for the vag: there are two version of the "filled" vag layer, one for vag penetration only and another for double(anal and vaginal) penetration. Only use one, whichever applies to the version you're trying to make. Layer order is also important. Some layers won't work with others, sorry! I tried my best to have them all compatible, but it gets tough with high fidelity artwork and the number of layers.

If you have any issues, contact me wherever, and I'll try to assist. Thank you for the support, and my great Patreon community for making this possible!

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