Paper Doll PSD - Locker Room Bunny

18+ Paper doll, furry pinup

Adult 18+ female bunny pinup paper doll PSD file

Everyone's favourite sports-based, sassy, sexy bunny from big screen fame! She's found herself in need in the locker room and- yeah you get the idea. It's a smutty, slutty furry porn pinup. With tons of options to make it more or less smutty and slutty though; you could indeed just make a sexy, teasing version of this just as easily as an outright porn version!

This is a 'paper doll' PSD file; a base character illustration is made, and then outfits, expressions, effects, etc. are on layers you may toggle on and off in numerous combinations to create a version of the illustration most to your liking. THERE ARE 26 LAYERS to toggle on/off. Of those, 3 are the base image with different expressions, and some layers for alternate 'rolled up' eyes for each expression. So roughly 6 base expressions to apply 20~ other edits to. For a total of 100+ image variations, not that I'm actually counting or that they'd all be super unique, but yeah. It's still a lot.

NOTE: This will be made into a flash version at a later date (not sure when. When I have the time.), and that version WILL BE FREE, posted on my galleries. This version, however, has a higher res than the flash will, and is arguably more convenient. It's also PWYW, but with a 5$ minimum because being up potentially free would seem like a disservice to my Patreons, who this was intially made for. You can put in more than 5$ if you REALLY want to. You can also wait until I upload the flash version for free publicly later, if you don't want to pay anything. I'm putting this up for sale for several reasons:

If you really like the character and collect art of her.
If you can't wait for the flash version or just want the more convenient, better resolution version of it anyway.
If you like my work and want to support it in a little way.
If the above, but you can't/don't subscribe to Patreon, either because of credit card reasons or otherwise.

There is no reason for PSD Patreons to buy this; the version they recieve contains all the working layers(the layers in this PSD are flat). This is for folks who like the content my Patreon supports, but don't use the site.

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