2017 Artwork Pack

This product is THREE separate ZIP files, all around 600-650mb each, totaling 1.8GB, containing all of the artwork completed for my Patreon in 2017. The images above are examples of the work done in each month, and the names next to each month are of the main Patreon artworks done in that month; most months have additional artwork included, and many of them are alternate versions of a single image.

The suggested price is $25; and will go down over time, but you can also enter more if you think my art is worth it. Here's what the full ZIP file contains:
~hundreds of HD files of pinup work, inks, text-free and alternate versions of work done.
~hundreds of sketch and web-res files of the same art, plus any WIPs, misc sketches, concept work, thumbnails, etc.
Thank you for supporting my work! Or at least looking! Check my other PWYW stuff here on E-Junkie. If you're having issues at all with the files, links, etc. let me know at fkevlar[at]gmail[dot]com

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