2020/10+12 Oct+Dec HD Content

Warning: Adult(18+) content!

This is my artwork done for October and December 2020! I moved across country for November, so it and the surrounding months were a bit of a mess, so I've combined this into a 2-month end-of-year pack.

I'll put together the full 2020 year HD files soon, but this is for if you already have most of 2020!

You will get a URL to a ~162 MB ZIP file via Dropbox to download; you will need a ZIP file compatible program (ex; 7-Zip) to open it. It's the same content that my 5$+ Patreon and SubscribeStar supporters get other than voting, stream bonuses, etc. This is just an alternate way to support my work if you do not use Patreon/SubStar, and still get the HD art as a thank-you. Everything I do will be posted free at later dates. Price is 5$ at first, but lowers over time. You can manually a higher amount if you really want to.

Thank you for supporting my work! Or at least looking! Check my other PWYW(pay-what-you-want) stuff here on E-Junkie.

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USD 8.00

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