2020/January through April HD Content

Warning: Adult(18+) content!

This is a special 4-month pack, because of vacation and downtime, I was both delayed in putting up my normal monthly packs, and felt like there wasn't enough there on their own. So now it's all content from my Patreon from January 2020 through April 2020, except the current comic-in-progress.

You will get a URL to a ~405 MB ZIP file via Dropbox to download; you will need a ZIP file compatible program (ex; 7-Zip) to open it. It's the same content that my 5$+ Patreons get other than voting, stream bonuses, etc. This is just an alternate way to support my work if you do not use Patreon, and still get the HD art as a thank-you. Everything I do will be posted free at later dates. Price is 12$ at first, but lowers over time. You can manually a higher amount if you really want to.

Thank you for supporting my work! Or at least looking! Check my other PWYW(pay-what-you-want) stuff here on E-Junkie.

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USD 10.00

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