Dakimakura - Carmelita

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A dakimakura is a pillowcase cover for body pillows. The material called 'peach skin', is machine washable, and is rather silky, smooth, with sharp image quality. The 'plush fabric' material is also machine washable, and thick, 'furry', softer with longer strands, and thus slightly less sharp than the peach skin.

-If you are a $25 Patreon supporter, contact me before you buy! You will get a discount.

-Pillowcase Dimensions: 50cm x 150cm (Japanese size, not US size, though close to two-US-sized Queen pillows)

-Fits approx. a (20in x 60in) pillow or a loose fit on 20in x 54in

-*Pillow Not Included* - Can find them fairly easy for $8-30 depending on quality.

-Mail out every week from USA. Then typically 2-5 business days for shipping.

-Shipped in plain, unmarked envelope/mailing bag

Shipping Info:


Package intercepts cost 14 USD from USPS! Re-mailing a returned one costs about 8 USD!

Shipping should calculate correctly, if I set up E-Junkie right. One daki delivered to within the US should be 6$ USD. Canada should be 25$ USD. Int'l should be 35$ USD. Prices may vary based on weight/number/destination. I'm sorry if they seem high, that's what USPS charges, and it's still the cheapest option. I've had int'l packages get lost using First-Class Int'l, so I'm only sending via Priority Mail, which carries tracking and insurance.

Cleaning Info:

Cleaning and care seems to be a debated topic, but generally speaking, turn it inside out, let it soak for a bit in a bit of COLD water+detergent mix, and then either hand-wash(reccommended) or machine wash (COLD, delicate), but it is generally accepted that machine drying is to be avoided. Hand/hang-dry is recommended.

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USD 60.00 to 70.00



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